Professor Hector Myers


Hector Myers came to UCLA to begin a Ph.D. in clinical psychology in 1969. At the time, he was one of only four Black graduate students in UCLA’s Department of Psychology.  In 1974, Myers earned his Ph.D., and that same year, he accepted a half-time position as an assistant professor in the department. Four years later, he was hired at UCLA full-time, and in 1981, he became the department’s first Black professor to receive tenure– this was also a first for UCLA Life Sciences. As a UCLA professor of clinical psychology for over 39 years, Myers dedicated much of his time to advancing diversity, equity and inclusion in education, and to improving health equity through his work in clinical psychology.

What was it like for Myers, coming into UCLA’s psychology department as a Black graduate student in 1969? How did he and a fellow graduate student help to launch the first course in the department to consider race? And in his experience, what did it take to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in academia?

Here, Dr. Myers shares the story of his early academic journey (12:04 minute listen)