A Single Gene May Extend Lifespan by 25 Percent

David Walker, associate professor of Integrative Biology and Physiology, and Anil Rana, a UCLA postdoctoral scholar, have identified a gene that can extend the healthy life span of fruit flies by more than 25 percent.

UCLA Psychology Professor, Robert Bjork, among newest fellows elected to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences

UCLA Psychology Professor, Robert Bjork, is among the newest class of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, one of the nation's oldest and most prestigious honorary societies and independent policy research centers.

When ‘Cheating’ Teaches Students More

An article about how Peter Nonacs, professor of Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, lets students in his behavioral ecology class "cheat" on their midterm to teach them more about game theory.

Top Chef at UCLA ’Science and Food’ Event

The Eater blog on Thursday highlighted this year's first UCLA "Science and Food" event, which featured Brazilian chef Alex Atala. Organized by Amy Rowat, UCLA assistant professor of integrative biology and physiology, the events are presented in conjunction with Rowat's academic course "Science and Food: The Physical and Molecular Origins of What We Eat."

Blocking a key protein boosts immune system’s ability to clear chronic infection

UCLA scientists have shown that temporarily blocking a protein critical to immune response actually helps the body clear itself of chronic infection. Published in the April 12 edition of the journal Science, the finding suggests new approaches to treating persistent viral infections like HIV and hepatitis C.

Scientists decode genome of painted turtle, revealing clues to extraordinary adaptations

Humans could learn a thing or two from turtles, and scientists who have just sequenced the first turtle genome uncovered clues about how people can benefit from the shelled creatures' remarkable longevity and ability to survive for months without breathing.

Adriana Galván selected a William T. Grant Scholar

Adriana Galván, assistant professor of Psychology, has been selected a William T. Grant Scholar by the William T. Grant Foundation. The award is given to exceptional researchers early in their careers. Galván’s laboratory studies brain development in children, adolescents and adults using behavioral and neuroimaging techniques.

Army veteran, a UCLA student, teaches class on combat and military life

his spring, Andrew Nicholls, a UCLA senior and eight-year army veteran, shared his firsthand perspectives about the military and combat by teaching a new psychology course through the Psychology department called 'Fast Cars and Battle Scars: Understanding the Modern Combat Veteran and PTSD.'

Adoptees Do Equally Well in Gay, Straight Families

Social-science research on same-sex families highlighted a study by Jill Waterman, UCLA adjunct professor of psychology; Letitia Anne Peplau, UCLA distinguished research professor of psychology; and Justin Lavner, a UCLA doctoral candidate in psychology, showing that high-risk children adopted from foster care do equally well when they are placed with gay, lesbian or heterosexual parents.

Public Tickets Now On Sale for UCLA’s Science & Food Lecture Series

Public tickets for the extremely popular, second-annual campus "Science and Food" lecture series, taught by food scientist Amy Rowat,are now available.