Stephanie White, Rachel Kennison, David Glanzman, Elaine Hsiao, Shane Campbell-Staton, Dean Victoria Sork, Nathan Kraft, Hilary Coller

Excellence in Research (Full Professor)
David Glanzman (Integrative Biology & Physiology)

Excellence in Research (Associate Professor)
Hilary Coller (Molecular Cell & Developmental Biology)

Excellence in Research (Assistant Professor)
Elaine Hsiao (Integrative Biology & Physiology)

Excellence in Promoting Diversity & Inclusion
Nathan Kraft (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology)

Excellence in Educational Innovation (Tenured Faculty)
Stephanie White (Integrative Biology & Physiology; and Neuroscience IDP)

Excellence in Educational Innovation (Untenured Faculty)
Shane Campbell-Staton (Ecology & Evolutionary Biology; and Society & Genetics)

Excellence in Educational Innovation (Lecturer, Acad. Admin, or Acad. Coord.)
Rachel Kennison (Life Sciences Core; and Center for Education Innovation & Learning in the Sciences, CEILS)