Professor Reggie Edgerton, Ignacio Montoya, and Dr. Hui Zong 

November 24, 2021

V. Reggie Edgerton–UCLA distinguished professor of integrative biology and physiology, neurobiology and neurosurgery– has been pioneering research that offers hope for patients with spinal cord injury and severe paralysis.  With non-invasive spinal stimulation and physical training, Edgerton has shown that patients paralyzed from spinal cord injuries can regain voluntary movement again, years after injury.  

Today in the Los Angeles Times, journalist Steve Lopez tells the story of Ignacio Montoya, who was paralyzed in a motorcycle accident eight years ago, now undergoing treatment and training with Edgerton, and showing promising signs of improvement.

You can read the full story,One step, then another. With determination and new therapies, there’s hope for paralysis patients”, here.