January 5, 2022

Vickie M. Mays, PhD, MSPH, was recently quoted in this recent Washington Post article about pandemic grief and work policy. The article references a longer Scientific American story, in which Dr. Mays was interviewed about “prolonged grief disorder” and COVID.  Within both articles, Mays is quoted, “If we don’t find ways to bring attention to the emotional suffering that people are coping with right now, it will turn into more serious problems.” In the Scientific American story, Mays provides her expert insights on the growing problem of grief associated with the pandemic, along with suggestions for how we might address grief in these particularly challenging times.

Dr. Mays is Director of the UCLA BRITE Center for Science, Research, and Policy; UCLA Distinguished Professor in the Department of Psychology; Distinguished Professor in the Department of Health Policy and Management in the UCLA Fielding School of Public Health; and also Special Advisor to the Chancellor on Black Life.