Life Science Scholar: Angela Acosta ’20

I developed confidence in myself and my abilities because of the support I received as a Life Sciences Scholar in the Pathways Program. Being a first-generation college student made navigating higher education difficult at times but the Pathways Program was with me every step of the way! As a Life Sciences Scholar, I was able to dive deeply into my research for about three years, which has helped me develop skills that will be useful in my career in medicine.

I am from San Jacinto, California. UCLA was my dream school because of the immense resources available to underrepresented students. I was drawn to the life sciences because I enjoy learning about how the human body works. I worked in the lab of Dr. Catia Sternini and researched neurogastroenterology. (Can this word move to the previous line?)

My goal after graduation is to get accepted into medical school and eventually become a Pediatric Neurologist.

My advice for aspiring scientists is to remain resilient and to always believe in yourself.