UCLA Life Sciences offers 12 majors and 13 minors in the biological sciences and in psychology.

Majors                                                         (Life Sciences’ Department/Interdepartmental Program)

Need more information on a particular major/minor? Below, are videos in which departmental advisors and alumni answer frequently asked questions.

Computational & Systems Biology Molecular, Cell, and Developmental Biology
Ecology and Evolutionary Biology Psychology
Institute for Society and Genetics Neuroscience Interdepartmental Program
Microbiology, Immunology, and Molecular Genetics Biomedical Research Minor

Transfer Students

The UCLA course (LS 110) sets all Life Sciences transfer students up for success. We highly recommend enrolling for Fall quarter!

Flyer for LS 110 Fall 2022

Pre-Health Students

A majority of our entering students designate themselves as “pre-health” or “pre-med.” While UCLA does not currently have a specified pre-health or pre-med program per se, many Life Sciences undergraduates go on to careers in clinical health. For students interested in pursuing a pre-health/pre-med track, there are advisors and resources available to help. More information can be found on our Pre-Health page.